Thursday, June 28, 2012


It was the Adorama 2nd Annual Street fair on June 10th.
Lots of cool stuff for your average camera nerd.

When I decided to shoot a couple images in B&W, I selected a Picture Style I had forgotten I customized.

Aside from the sepia like tone giving it that classic feel, I thought it was cool to see old styles with new elements.

Exempli gratia (e.i) That guy with the old Polaroid on a cell phone... and the old Circus guy on stilts with the Adorama logo in the back.


Poor little guy?

I saw this fellow just crawling around in Central Park in the middle of a walkway.

It's understandable why a group of onlookers decided to pick him up and place him closer to "home".
...but what if he was trying to get somewhere?

You never know.